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In Solidarity,

Adrian David, Business Manager



July 14, 2017

To: BCFED Executive Officers

Re: Helping those affected by BC Wildfires

I’m writing to BCFED affiliates to ask you to consider sending a message of solidarity and a helping hand to those who have been affected the rampage of wildfires by donating to the fire appeal campaign of the Canadian Red Cross in British Columbia.

We’ve all watched in horror as rampaging fires have swept through so many BC communities—and threaten many more. Thousands more British Columbians face emergency evacuation orders to leave behind their homes and communities at a moment’s notice. Homes and cherished possessions have been lost, livelihoods impacted, families uprooted and the fabric of communities deeply torn.

At the same time, we’ve also seen the great commitment of working people to battle the blazes and help those affected. Hundreds of wildfire fighters and other firefighting personnel are displaying great courage and determination on the front lines of this tragedy.

Other emergency responders are assisting with evacuations and community safety. Resource and construction workers whose jobs have been impacted are volunteering to help with fire suppression. And many more are playing an active role in delivering emergency services and disaster relief, and providing comfort to those affected.

A number of unions have also made important contributions by supporting those amongst their membership working to end the disaster, and those hurt by it.

The Red Cross is on the ground providing much needed help to those impacted by the disaster. They have a special BC forest fire appeal, and donations can be made online at Likewise, donation information is also available on the organization’s web site.

The Federation will contribute to the appeal. Both myself and Secretary-Treasurer Aaron Ekman have already made personal donations. I would ask that your union join the BCFED in making a difference by contributing and encouraging your members to do so too individually.

Yours truly,

Irene Lanzinger, President

Letter in Support of Local 955 – Fort McMurray

June 6, 2016

Bruce Moffat

Business Manager

IUOE, Local 955

17603 114 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta    T5S 2R9

Dear Brother Moffat:

We write as a result of the devastating wild fires that have destroyed much of the Fort McMurray area. The recent television coverage has brought the true nature of the disaster directly into our homes.

During Local 882`s May 28, 2016 membership meeting, it was moved, seconded and carried unanimously to assist our Sisters and Brothers of Alberta whose lives have been so profoundly affected by the wild fires. Our cheque represents an amount equal to $10.00 per local 882 member.

Bruce, on behalf of the officers and membership of Local 882, please accept this cheque as a small token of our desire to assist our fellow Sisters and Brothers affected by this terrible disaster.

We are hopeful that the rebuilding efforts will make the community even stronger and that together we can address each member’s unique set of circumstances with respect, dignity, compassion and professionalism.

United We Stand,

Adrian David                                                                              John Dube

IUOE, Local 882, Business Manager                                    IUOE, Local 882, President


October 13, 2015

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

On October 19th the federal election will decide Canada’s direction for many years to come.

I am writing to encourage you, first of all to participate in our democratic right to vote and to also encourage you to get family and friends involved in this very important federal election on October 19, 2015

Many members I have talked with have shared with me that they have originally come from countries where democracy either does not exist or is very challenging – they have told me how much they appreciate Canada’s strong democratic tradition.

It is important to note that our union and our local are not telling you how to vote – but it is our responsibility as your representative in the workplace to point out the facts.

Unfortunately, the current Conservative government led by Stephen Harper has repeatedly passed legislation that hurts unions like ours and workers like you – and has intervened only on the side of employers and against workers – in contract negotiations.

We have also seen the Conservative government make cuts to much needed public services and a loss of good, family-supporting jobs.  These are not one person’s opinion – they are the facts.

I recently spoke with Irene Lanzinger, President of the BC Federation of Labour, and asked her about her views on the upcoming federal election. As the leader of over 500,000 unionized workers in BC, she responded to me as follows:

In this federal election British Columbia is a critical battleground. We have an opportunity on October 19 to elect a government in Ottawa that stands up for working people, respects the labour movement, and supports vital public services. The choice for union members is clear this is our chance to elect Tom Mulcair and the NDP.

Personally, I completely agree – but the decision is up to you.

If you have questions or would like more information about the issues on the important upcoming federal election on October 19th or about advance polls, please contact me through the office and I would be happy to speak with you about this important election. For additional information I encourage you to check out . Thanks for listening.

United We Stand,

Adrian David

Business Manager, IUOE Local 882


A new arrangement for managing Facilities subsector members’ health benefits negotiated in the 2014-2019 collective agreement has reached an important milestone.
A legal agreement has been reached establishing the terms of the Joint Facilities Benefits Trust which will manage extended health, dental, group insurance and long-term disability benefits beginning next year.
Under the agreement, the Trust will be governed by an equal number of trustees – five from the Facilities Bargaining Association and five from the Health Employers Association of B.C. (HEABC). A
mediation and arbitration process is contained in the agreement to resolve any deadlocked votes.
Funding and administrative responsibility for benefits will be transferred to the Trust in April 2016.
Under the Trust agreement, The FBA unions will have access to overall information about benefits’ usage, and the union-side trustees will be able to make key decisions about the delivery of benefits.
For example, the Trust will provide FBA trustees with the exclusive right to make changes or modifications to non-LTD benefits within available resources. Agreement from all trustees is required to make changes to LTD benefits.
All of the trustees will be responsible for managing the plan so as to protect members’ benefits.
The Trust will be funded by employers based on a fixed percentage of payroll. In the 2014-2019 collective agreement, provisions were negotiated to protect funding for benefits through the transition to the Trust.
The Trust will cover all Facilities subsector employees with the exception of those working for the BC Ambulance Service or the BC Emergency Health Services.
The Facilities Bargaining Association includes the following unions: BC Government and Service Employees’ Union, Hospital Employees Union, Pulp and Paperworkers of Canada Local 5, International
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 230, International Union of Painters& Allied Trades District Council 38, United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 324, United Brotherhood Of Carpenters and Joiners Local 1598, the United Steelworkers Local 9705 and the BC Nurses’ Union.


Through recent bargaining activities, the Facilities Bargaining Committee has secured an additional $1.25M to allocate to members for training.  This brings the total to $8.75M of FBA Education funding since 2006.

The FBA Education Fund is a health care education and training fund managed by the unions in the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA). The fund provides skills upgrading and career mobility opportunities for union members covered by the Facilities Subsector Collective Agreement.  The application and selection process is overseen by union members and staff.  Over 2,100 applications for training assistance from every occupational group have been supported.

Important note: please read overview before competing an application:

  • Short-term Training overview/ application
  • Pharmacy Tech overview/ application
  • Long-term Training overview/ application
  • Frequently Asked Questions

For FBA Education Fund information, contact your local shop steward, local executive or union servicing representative; email (

See 882H Tab at the top of the page for more Frequently Asked Questions.