Through recent bargaining activities, the Facilities Bargaining Committee has secured an additional $1.25M to allocate to members for training.  This brings the total to $8.75M of FBA Education funding since 2006.

The FBA Education Fund is a health care education and training fund managed by the unions in the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA). The fund provides skills upgrading and career mobility opportunities for union members covered by the Facilities Subsector Collective Agreement.  The application and selection process is overseen by union members and staff.  Over 2,100 applications for training assistance from every occupational group have been supported.

Important note: please read overview before competing an application:

  • Short-term Training overview/ application
  • Pharmacy Tech overview/ application
  • Long-term Training overview/ application
  • Frequently Asked Questions

For FBA Education Fund information, contact your local shop steward, local executive or union servicing representative; email (infoiuoe@iuoe882.com).

See 882H Tab at the top of the page for more Frequently Asked Questions.

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